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New Members Stop In

#1 Post by xr3y6rs » Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:16 am

New members, stop in here and introduce yourselves, check out if you can post, ask a question, etc...

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Re: New Members Stop In

#2 Post by eagle » Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:37 am

Good morning from Southwest Texas...I used to drop in here a lot in the past but have been busy learning how not to trade and also how to trade for some years. Have had good success and have hesitantly taken losses being the ultimate positive thinking trader. I have held TRX and other miners for many years and had then certificated some years back, traded a few since, but hold a good core number. I will stop in more often and offer what I see, including some chart ideas I am having success with. Until I see what is and is not allowed here now, I will mostly be watching but trying to post or comment where ever I see something important or have something important to offer where allowed to post. I trade unemotionally, so I do not react emotionally to any negative appearing information I see happening, as I am aware of how things move in cycles all of the time in trading or buying and holding stocks like miners. I also understand how most all traders "talk their book", so I never believe everything I see of read. I look at the chart, filings, news, and anything I can find to decide what the situation is. I believe if there is truly a shortage of "mine supply" expected as Jim Sinclair has suggested recently, then metals are not going to stop being used, even commercially, and will always be in some kind of demand. I do have some charting ideas of mine I have been developing, but no charting is 100% effective all of the time, as things just happen. I am 70 years of age and a little wiser than I used to be. Looking forward to getting ideas here as I used to do from the main page and always consider all information I see and then put it through my brain filter.

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